Scientific topics GARRM - details

Radon Risk Mapping and Radon Action Plans (including implementation of BSS) 
  • National strategies; Radon Action Plans; approaches to radon risk
  • Radon risk mapping on various scales including geogenic mapping and detailed measurements
  • Delineation of radon prone areas
  • How to define and use radon prone areas for the purpose of BSS (will the approach to workplaces differ from dwellings ?)
Radon in Geological Environment
  • Methods of measurements and classification of radon risk
  • Passive and active soil gas sampling
  • Permeability as the second decisive parameter for radon potential assessment
  • Understanding radon transport mechanisms in the soil and from the soil into the buildings
  • Earthquake prediction, radon as a natural tracer
  • Radon in karst areas, mining areas, uranium prospection
Two moderated panel discussions (we expect to announce more detailed content of the discussions in advance - to enable participants involved in the discussions to prepare a short presentation as well):
  • European Geogenic Radon Map and Atlas of Natural Radiation
  • Experiences and Failures in Soil-Gas Radon Measurement Practice (what parameter do we really measure?)