Scientific topics

RADON conference

Methods of measurement for both radon and thoron - devices, metrological aspects

  • Cheap continuous radon monitors – new possibilities for measurement or just toys?
  • Radon monitoring on workplaces incl. personal monitoring. How to communicate the requirements on workplaces monitoring towards employers.
  • Thoron prone areas – measurement of thoron and thoron progenies, thoron surveys. Thoron and thoron progenies monitoring on workplaces.
Radon - information carrier, radonometry, radon as a tracer gas
  • Multiparametrical models and long term measurements analysis.
National programs and projects
  • New dose conversion factors for radon – what change in regulation do they bring?
  • Optimization of radon and thoron protection – case studies.
Radon in civil engineering
  • Options for mitigation of workplaces in large buildings to a single office.
  • Is it possible to use radon as a tracer of indoor air quality?
  • Communication between builders and architects.
Health effects of radon
  • Further progress in health effects modelling.

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Radon Risk Mapping and Radon Action Plans (including implementation of BSS)
  • Radon risk mapping on various scales including geogenic mapping and detailed measurements
  • Delineation of radon prone areas
  • How to define and use radon prone areas for the purpose of BSS (will the approach to workplaces differ from dwellings ?)
Radon in Geological Environment (methods of measurements, classification of radon risk, radon and permeability, radon and tectonics, radon and seismic hazards …)
  • Permeability as the second decisive parameter for radon potential assessment
  • Understanding radon transport mechanisms in the soil and from the soil into the buildings
  • Earthquake prediction, radon as a natural tracer
Two moderated panel discussions:
  • European Geogenic Radon Map and Atlas of Natural Radiation
  • Experiences and Failures in Soil-Gas Radon Practice (what parameter do we really measure)
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