Inter-comparision measurement

Meeting for the inter-comparison measurement

The meeting for participants is scheduled on Monday 12.9. at 9:45 a.m. at registration desk. Transport from the conference venue, Faculty of Nuclear Engineering, to the National Radiation Protection Institute, is organized.
If 9.45 a.m. is not manageable for you, you have to come on your own to the Institute, the address is Bartoškova 28, Praha 4 (tram No. 11 station Horky is nearby the Institute).


 A) Radon gas and/or radon progenies concentration (for passive and active detectors)
 B) Thoron gas concentration in the mixed radon/ thoron atmosphere (for passive detectors only). 


  • The inter-comparison is organized for free for the registered participants of the Conference and the GARRM.
  • The comparison is planned to be lasted for 4 days.
  • For questions, please, contact Mr. Karel Jilek from NRPI ( for further information. Karel Jilek is the expert on QA/QC of radon/thoron and radon progenies at the NRPI.
  • For details about the Radon chamber follow this link.

Registration form is here.